After 6 months of serious planning and hardworking practice, Chinese Opera Treasures – The Rising Stars, 2014 finally came to an end in applause and laughter. On the performing night, 14 young artists from both Los Angeles and Hong Kong inspired the audience by performing with their great passion as well as their childlike innocence, earning tremendous applause and appreciation all the way to the end until the chorus was sung in the finale. We were truly moved by these positive responses in the show.

The success of Chinese Opera Treasures – The Rising Stars, 2014 should be attributed to the support of our friends, families, volunteers, as well as media and communities. Perfect Harmony would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the parties involved in the event. We look forward to another great show in the future, allowing these wonderful young artists from the two places once again to shine and to share with others the art of Chinese Opera.